April 19, 2012

#*%@...¿Cuánto es!?!...

Wanna know what its like to have a colic baby? Well, I can tell you first hand, its not fun. We are now on our 6th, yes 6th formula with Taelyn. Every one of them starts out great, and we thank our lucky stars that we finally found "the one." And like clock work, within two weeks she is back to her gassy, fussy, crying wonderfulness. So this time, the doctor swears this is "the one." If we can just get her to drink this for one full month without having gas issues then we get to start her on real honest to God, baby food! Yippy for Mommy! So you ask, what's the big deal? Why did this deserve its very own blog post? Well, my friends, this tiny, and I do mean tiny little can of
formula cost $317 pesos ($24.80 USD)! How long will it last you ask? Oh, maybe 5 days if we're lucky. So, lets put it in perspective. Our cable bill is $400 pesos a month. Doctor visit $300 pesos. Half a tank of gas? $300 pesos. Food for Seth and me for 5 days maybe $450. Oh, the loveliness of a colic baby...absolutely lovely.


  1. WOW! Very expensive :S Hope it works, at least :)

  2. I know! Seth is waiting to find out if when she drinks it, liquid gold comes out the other end!

  3. My friend's son turned out to be allergic to corn syrup and sugar of all things. She said they saw nothing but tonsils until he was 7 months old and they figured it out.
    I feel for you! It would be cheaper to hire a wet nurse than buy that formula!

  4. Luckily that formula lasted all of 22 hours. We went back to the other and are diluting it a it. She's been a pretty content baby for the last two days. I'll put up with some crying from 6-7:30 pm in order to not pay outrageous prices for formula!

  5. how's it working out now?

    1. Oh, it was horrible! Lasted a total of 22 hours, and then we went right back onto the Friso Comfort. I dilute the formula by one scoop and since then its been fantastic! Also, it looks like our little girls digestive system has finally caught up with her body and she's over her colic! Hip Hip Hooray!