April 30, 2012

Oh the Places We Will Eat!...

The one thing Seth and I love the most about living here is our ability to get street food pretty much anywhere of all kinds of varieties. Sometimes, when I don't feel like cooking, I go out on my bike to either 10th or 5th street and do my food stand hunt. Some are amazing. Some are so so. Some are kind of bland. But so far, we have not found any that are bad. But maybe our taste buds are not
that selective yet. I plan on working my way down every single stand on every single street if my life depends on it! Of course, I know that you know that's impossible because by the time I get done with one street, 10 more stands will pop up out of nowhere!

Disclaimer: This will not be the only food stand blog entry. I promise you this. I will eat at all the food stands I can but only to do justice to my blog and my loyal followers. It is my dedication to you that makes me want to eat like a slobby pig.

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