June 29, 2012

A Bug's Life - Part 2...

As you may remember from my previous post on VW Bugs, I am absolutely obsessed with all the different varieties I see here! I'm just amazed with the colors and styles that I see zooming
around the streets. I think that what a person's Bug looks like tells you a lot about them. Don't you?

Considering how widespread they are here in Mexico, I find it only fitting that the last Type 1 Beetle Bug rolled off the assembly lines in Puebla, Mexico on July 30, 2003. Named the El Rey, the infamous car now resides in Wolfsburg, Germany in the VW Bug Museum. I know you all must be fascinated with my ability to find information off of Wikipedia, but I just found all this so interesting for some reason. From the pictures I have found, it was quite an event with a little mini fiesta and mariachi band. I mean really, how could they not have a mariachi band?

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  1. I have always wanted a Bug convertible. They will forever be, the quirkiest, cool car :)