June 11, 2012

La Cueva de Changa...

My nieces, Sarah and Sabah, came back with us from Dallas to stay for the summer. How lucky are those two teenagers, huh? However, Seth and I are thinking we are the lucky ones. Can anyone say, "babysitter?!?" Needless to say, we are taking full advantage of having Sabah doing
a little baby time for us so we can have a little bit of couple time.
La Cueva de Changa
Bottle cap roof.
How can you not love this?!?
I swear I felt like I was going into a hobbit house.
Husband says I'm weird. I'm ok with it.
I've been wanting to eat at La Cueva del Chango since I saw it on a Tripulu video. Ironically, it was that video that sealed the deal for our move from Panama to Mexico. I was so excited to finally eat there, and boy, I was not disappointed. It was so good. The ambiance was playful but natural. The portions were huge. The service was fantastic, and almost everyone spoke English. They also offered menus in English or Spanish, but we chose the Spanish (gotta keep practicing our language skills).
Poblano soup with panela cheese

Shrimp with tamarind sauce

Stuffed chicken breast with poblano sauce
 They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they were more than happy to let me order off the lunch menu even though it was dinner time. I'm a lover of soups, and the lunch options looked fantastic! I had a really hard time narrowing down which one to get. I think I chose wisely.
Homemade tortillas
Fire! Fire! Fire! My mouth is on fire! Water!
Oh, God! Give me water!!!
The restaurant is located in what they refer to as "Little Italy"which is at the far north end of 5th. You definitely felt a more local, bohemian vibe in the air. No hustlers tried to get us into their shops. No "Specials" signs posted outside the restaurants. Just locals sitting down for some yum yum with friends. We had such a lovely dinner and will be adding this to the "must return" short list. I'm thinking lunch on Thursday...hmmm...
Little pond in the middle of the restaurant
He acted like it was his place so I'm assuming such


  1. I remember that place from the video! Next time I'm in Playa, hopefully I can check it out.

    1. You and Jorge really should go. Its nice to get off the regular tourist streets and go more local. Although, I saw quite a few tourist there. Not sure if that was because of the video or word just got out.