July 19, 2012

Chez Céline...

A few days ago I took my parents and nieces to Chez Céline for a little mid-afternoon sweet time. I figure any time is a good sweet time, but thought I'd wait until afternoon to justify my chocolate needs. This little cafe is located at the far North end of 5th Street, almost in the Little Italy area. You can definitely feel a different vibe at this end of 5th which is a lot more European, bohemian kind of cafes and shops. That's why I like walking this area so much. Its just so much more comfy feeling than the other side of 5th which is kind of slap you in the face, tourist town. Chez Céline lives up to the feel of the area. The service is impeccable.  The store is spotless. But the best part is the different sitting areas. You can choose inside or outside and both area just so quaint and comfortable.

Well I won't drone on and on with this post because well obviously the desserts speak for themselves. How many times can a person say, "YUM!" before it gets old? Oh, who cares. It is my blog after all so all I have to say is YUM, YUM, YUM! Don't you wish you were in Playa eating a chocolate tart right now? Anyone is welcome to drop me a note when they have a little sweet attack and need a tart or creme brulee or eclair or ok, you get the picture. I'm always free for Chez Céline!

Sabah and I shared the Choux à la Crème and a Creme Brulee.
Pastry, cream, and crisp carmel topping

I'll take 2 please! Ok, make it 3...oh who am I kidding?
I'll take 5!
My mom decided to go for the Chocolate Eclair
Love this hutch and serving cabinet
I think they're on a sugar high
Sarah got a mini version of the chocolate tart on the bottom
Seth got one of these little guys
Croissant con Aimendras
And one of these guys
Chocolate Croissant


  1. What a wonderful place! Everything looks delish!!!

  2. We went there when my family was in Playa! My sister and I sat there for several HOURS (it was a rainy afternoon and the conversation was great)

    I loved it. I'd also never been to the north end of 5th Avenue until my family came, and I definitely like it better than the main area.

  3. Can i come visit??? haha