July 9, 2012

Just Can't Get Enough...

My parents arrived for a short vacation last Thursday. Super excited as I'm sure you know. So, of course, we had to take them to Puerto Morelos. As you know from my previous posts, I just love this little lazy fisherman's village. But, boy was it anything but lazy this past Saturday! Apparently, the Sprint Puerto Morelos Triathlon was scheduled for Sunday so this tiny
little single lane road town got bombarded with cars and tourists. I have to say it was pretty crazy, but I just love seeing a race getting set up so I was fascinated with all the bikes and barricades being lined up for the next day.
Bikes set up for Trialthon
Trying to take "artsy" pictures 
Good times with Mom and Dad
We took my parents snorkeling at Wet Set Diving again. Even though they both had a hard time keeping their equipment in place, they had a blast. We were going to do the deep and shallow dive, but after the shallow dive, they both decided to head back. Afterwards, we went to Pelicanos for lunch for yummy fish and steak and of course, adult beverages. Overall, I think they had a fantastic time, and I'm glad we got to make it an adult only kind of day!
Rum Punch may become my favorite drink
My mom asked for a green salad.
Apparently, they took the request literally! 

Our required lap picture.
Aren't we adorable?

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