October 2, 2012

Pink Frenzy Continued...

 I've pretty much told you all you need to know about Pinkitzel's so the rest is pretty much just the remaining pictures I took. This place was pretty much every little girl's fairytale dream. Sorry, guys, I just don't think you all would get as much out of it as us, females. But who knows.

 They had every little novelty toy that you would NEVER think of buying. There was a lot of play on Alice in Wonderland and Curios George "like" toys. All of it was adorable, and I had a hard time deciding what to get. I told my dad that Taelyn wanted the Alice in Wonderland sippy cup so of course, he bought it. Now, keep in mind that although they had  little plates and serving bowls, it more for fun that actual regular use.

Cupcakes galore! Yum! I didn't get a chance to buy any because we were still full from lunch, but I will definitely be back for a cupcake or two or three. My mother in law bought a slice of fudge, and I did bend to my craving for a piece of chocolate toffee. But, really, that's all we bought. Really!...ok, maybe a little bit of candy too! But, seriously, who could say "no" to tubs and tubs of candy?


  1. WOW!!! I want EVERYTHING!!! So many unique things!

    I noticed they sell UNO Chocolate bars. When I went back to California last year, they were hard to find and my mom explained to me that they're now considered an "old fashion" candy. Boy, did that make me feel old. :(

    But the store is beautiful, that's for sure!

  2. Oh my heavens! I believe I would go absolutely spazztastic in a gorgeous shop like that! It's so whimsical I love it :)