November 23, 2012

Good Times...

It seems like my days are getting shorter and shorter. Taelyn sleeps in so much later now. We don't even get out the door for our morning walk until sometimes 9:15. I blink my eyes, and the day is just gone! Now that Seth is done with his app, he has so much more free time. I don't feel like a single parent anymore, and we get to spend whole days together as a family.

Have you ever had one of those days that was fantastic from beginning to end? That was last Saturday for me. It seems like nothing could go wrong...and nothing did! First, we all went on a
morning walk together. Then, Taelyn decided to finally let us snap some pictures of her standing. She's been flirting with the whole standing thing for about a month now, but this was the first time she would stand long enough for us to snap a few. Now, she's getting up like a pro.
In the afternoon, we went to Parque la Ceiba. I have been wanting to go there for a few months, but we just never seemed to be able to make it. Every 3rd Saturday of the month they have a local craft market and children's entertainment schedule. They have dance classes the kids can take while the adults shop around at the local vendors. So, do you think I remembered to bring my camera on the very day I'd had marked on the calendar for over a month. Pish! You kid! Of course, I didn't bring my camera! I guess that gives me all the more excuse to go next month.
In the evening we went on another family walk since the weather is so cool and comfortable. Of course, since daylight savings time, we have to go out by 4:30 or its pretty much pitch black by 5:15. I thought the golf course looked so fantastic against the night sky. Don't you agree?
Then after we put Taelyn to sleep, Seth and I had some couple time. We pulled out the 'ol Monopoly board and waged a teensy, weensy war on each other. We are both very competitive, but we have fun with it. Usually, Seth wins, and I just have to suck it up. But tonight...oh tonight was my night! I totally creamed him. At one point, he had only $20 left in his pile and was calling, "uncle." But I said, "Oh no way! You have property to mortgage off so you can easily stay in the game." Hee hee hee! I knew I'd already won, but I wanted to enjoy it for a just pinch longer. I wanted to see him completely broke and looking pathetic. That's what makes me such a sweet and thoughtful wife. Perfect ending to a perfect day!


  1. I'm so glad Seth finally finished his app!

    AND you found Parque La Ceiba!

    AND Taelyn is standing!

    Kudos all around :)

    1. You forgot the most important AND....I kicked Seth's butt in monopoly!