November 16, 2012

It Really is Christmas Time Now...

Whew! What a week! I just looked at the calendar and realized we will be going home to the US in just a little over a month for Christmas and a little extended stay. Seth has been crazy busy finishing up a new app The Free Wallpaper App for the Christmas sales (shameless self advertisement), and I haven't hardly seen him for the last four weeks. I swear it was just Halloween. Then I go into the store the day after, and boom!...its Christmas. Remember that little picture I took of all those Halloween decorations? Hasta la vista because it is full fledge Christmas now!

I know I told you about the bulk stacks of Christmas in September. Well, that did not prepare for me the massive bulk stacks in the main aisles for Christmas. Now, I know all you from the US are thinking, "Big deal. That's standard for us." But, seriously, I think Mexico goes all out. The stacks are longer, taller, and wider than anything I've seen in the US which is saying a lot! And when they run out of room
on the ground, well then they just move to the top. Bears on register lanes and clothing hung from nets on the rafters Nothing is off limits. Do other countries do this, I wonder?

 They even let the food and beverage get in on the action. I got to watch over a two day period (yes, I sometimes go to the store two days in a row to keep the baby entertained) as three Walmart employees set up liquor and coke bottle stacks in the shape of Christmas trees going all the way up to the rafters. They are not kidding! Candy, chips, nuts...its all stackable!

What I love the most is how the Walmart parking lot which is underground has a section designated for toys. When you walk in, its like a winter wonderland for any kid out there. You've got your bicycle wall filled to the max. You've got the tricycles and kiddie baskets hanging from the rafters. You've got aisle after aisle after aisle of toys stacked to the max organized by gender of course. I can't wait until Taelyn can have her on doll and stroller. Fun!

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