December 17, 2012

Being Neighborly...

This last Friday Seth and I had planned to go out on a little date since we had a new babysitter and wanted to try her out. (That was my excuse at least...shhhhh.) What do you know, one of our neighbors comes by, and invites us to a little get together with all the people who came to our Thanksgiving Dinner. At first we were like, hmmmm, what to do? what to do? But then, we said, "Well, we will just go out for our date, and then come back for the party, of course!" Who can pass up a little impromptu gathering?

We had such a good time, and I'm so glad we didn't wimp out and go to bed after our date. I love how our little corner area is so small that it allows for neighbors to know one another and just feel well...neighborly. What I love is that I know that if I'm in a bind or need help with something, there are 5 different sets of
neighbors I could call on to help me. Just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, huh?

So lets meet some of my neighbors. Alejandro in the top picture just had a baby boy a few weeks ago. His wife had to go upstairs so we didn't get her in the pics. Chata sitting next to him is always the life of the party. I joke with her that she has more of a social life in her retirement years than I did in college. She just giggles and acts innocent. I live vicariously through her.
Next we have Maria and Ramon. I am madly in love with this couple! Ramon used to play professional soccer but had an injury and could no longer play. Maria does all the organizing for the sport events like triathlons and marathons in the area. Maria and I always talk food and crafts. Funny thing is I used to live next door to her sister so that just shows you how small of a world Playa can be. And you know that couple at the bottom of course.

Maria made the best palenta I think I've ever had. Of course, as with all Mexicans, when you ask where they got a specific chili or spice it never fails that it came from someone's garden, and you can't get it in the stores. This palenta was made with chilis from her mom's garden in Guadalajara. Don't see myself getting those any time soon. And as all Mexican parties go, you must have tequila. I stuck to wine because I'll admit that I'm a wee bit of a light weight. 

The tall blond on the left is Jessica. Her mother is Mexican (far right) but moved to Holland over 25 years ago. She met her husband and settled down, and now decided to come back to Mexico to start the second part of her life. Her husband and son will join them as soon as their visas come through. I love how Jessica is getting to experience a completely different culture than the one she grew up, and now she speaks 3 languages! I've barely mastered English!

 And this is when Seth and I started to showing signs of not getting out much. Good times. Good times.  We had a fantastic time, but at 2 am Seth and I were starting to show what amateurs we were to these Mexicans. They know how to party! The next morning Seth and I both said, "We can't hang with those people anymore! Bad, bad influences!" Who am I kidding? Next get together we'll be there with bells on...just no tequila!

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