February 11, 2013


I have looked forward to Carnival in Mexico since the year before we moved and were still living in Panama. We had heard that Cozumel's carnival is something to experience but decided to stay right here in our lazy little fisherman's town and experience Carnival Playa de
Carmen. Seth and I went to the Saturday night parade, and we were not disappointed. It was fun, colorful, loud, chaotic, lively, busy, and everything Mexican. Loved it!

The parade started out on 5th Street and went up and back. Then they took a turn down a side street to make their way to the Municipal Building. We got a little of the 5th Street part, but we saw the majority of the parade going towards Centro Playa. While we were waiting, we got to hang next to some dancers that were coming in late for the show and were waiting for it to come their way. They were so excited and dancing like the parade was already there for them.

 The streets were so congested with locals and tourists alike just trying to get a peak of all the excitement. Seth and I didn't mind. We found a bench to stand on since I'm only 5'1 and got the best seat in town. We could see what was coming before everyone else in our section.

 Everyone was so excited to be part of the parade. Even though they had done 5th Street twice and then were coming down another street, they kept dancing as if they had just started. I can't imagine dancing for 2 hours straight while throngs of people were crowding in on you.

 These guys were hilarious. They dressed up like cheerleaders and were flashing people throughout the parade. The guy with the tattoo was the ringleader and had decked out in a garter and thong to complete his assemble. Clearly, he had no modesty issues, and it was hilarious to watch the tourists react with that, "Oh my God!" look

After the parade, we went over to our favorite bar to watch some hockey and then made a swing through the street carnival set up by Walmart. The food smelled sooo good that I can't wait until we go back on Tuesday so I can get my grub on. By the end of the night, we were just about as tired as this little one. Wish I'd had a stroller for Seth to carry me home. Jealous, I was.

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