February 15, 2013

First Day at the Beach...

Maybe Seth and I were just a pinch over protective of Taelyn when it came to taking her to the beach. I don't know why? We aren't that way with anything else. She's climbing on something? Well I guess when she falls she'll learn. She's eating dirt? She'll  realize it taste awful and stop. She put her hand in the door and closed it? Well I suppose she'll figure out that hurts. But when it came to the ocean, we became these over protective, fearful parents that wanted to wait until she was 40 or something.

One of my friends told me that her twins were going to the beach since they were 6 months. "So what if they eat sand. Everything comes out in the end ok, so it must be alright." We see Mexicans take their newborns to the beach all the time. Newborns! Its water, sand, and sun. All good healthy things
that make ya feel good. Even with all that, I still waited until she was a year. Yeah, I'm an idiot.

So we went to the beach...

....And had a blast! So much dang fun. And of course, Taelyn was the bell of the beach. She giggled. She splashed. She stomped. She ran straight into the water..."OMG! Seth! Get her before she drowns!" Yeah, I was still a little over protective. But seriously, the kid is a fish. Most kids run from the  big waves. Not my kid. Nope. She just forges ahead as if she alone could take on that 6 foot wave. I blame Seth's side of the family. He blames mine. Go figure.

Oh look at that cute boy walking by. I hope I look pretty in my swimming suit...
...Oh, this water feels nice. Look how gently it washes up on me.
...What the *%&& was that?
...And we've been back twice now. She loves it more every time. And she becomes more and more fearless. Mommy is getting grey hairs WAY too early.

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