April 15, 2013

Snowed In...

So here I am playing major catch up. I'm going to do some serious back tracking over the next few posts to catch you up on my trip to Nebraska. I just enjoyed seeing my family so much, I have to share. I haven't been back to Nebraska to visit my mom's family in probably 15 years. I know that's horrible. Even though this was not a social call, I'm glad that my parents, grandmother, sister's family, and Taelyn and me got to all go together. I wish Seth could have gone, but work, work, work. We had a fantastic time, and I am promise to make it a mission to go back every few years so Taelyn can experience a
completely different way of life then her own.

The day after we arrived, Nebraska showed its true colors, and a blizzard rolled in through the night. I'm sure you've guessed choosing to live in a tropical location, winter and snow are not on my top 5 favorite list. I would say its pretty dang miserable. But, it was so pretty to look at (through the window) that I actually took the leap and went outside for pics. Let me tell was *&#$@!?% cold! But I got some cool pics. The sacrifices I make for blogging!

I've always thought how cool it was that my aunt and uncle had their very own gas tank. Seriously, never having to worry about being low on gas? How cool is that? Fill 'er up!

The funniest part of the morning was when my cousin Dan came rolling down the road in his tractor to shovel the snow. My entire family nine had their faces smashed up against the window watching in awe. Its not like we'd never before seen a tractor or seen someone shoveling snow. Its just so out of our realm to think someone just woke up, went into his shed, pulled out a tractor, and started shoveling the roads. Yeah, we're definitely city people.
Yacoub got to ride with Dan. I think this may have been the highlight of his entire trip. I remember when I was a kid and I would go with my Aunt Darlene to take lunch out to the fields. Someone would always let me hop up inside and drive the tractor up and down the rows.  Best time of my life! Its the simple things that make memories.

 Sabah is trying to put on a happy face for the camera. I feel her pain. Yacoub is loving every minute of the morning and running through the snow as if its summertime out there!

Of course, I layered up Taelyn and took her outside to play in the snow. I'm not sure if we took her out when we were in Oklahoma for Christmas so I had to make sure she experienced it this time. She kept looking at it like, "This is the strangest sand I've ever seen!"

 Then, Dan shows up later with a sled. I change what I said earlier. This was the highlight of Yacoub's entire trip. He had a blast! My mom went out and went sledding with them too. I didn't get any pictures, but we did get the funniest video ever. Dan kept trying to bump her off, and she ended up falling backwards riding the entire way on her back. It was hilarious to watch.

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