May 23, 2013

Andale Bazaar...

My friends, Maria and Lupita, asked if I wanted to go with them to the Andale Bazaar to sell some things before we left. At first, I didn't think I had that much to sell, but I looked around and found some big item we didn't want to take back. I'd heard of the Andale Bazaar, but nothing
could prepare me for this gigantic street garage sale. It stretched for over 2 miles on each side of the street with probably 400+ make shift tables and tents crammed next to each other.

Once we started unloading our stuff, the people came at us like vultures. Maria had to stay with the tent while I unloaded because people were ready to buy before we even finished setting up! Maria picked the best location. We were right on the end of a corner so people had to walk by us to get to the other side of the street. Plus, we had 3 restaurants and a bathroom within walking distance. I sold all my stuff by 1pm and had made $2400 pesos ($205 USD). Maria still had quite a bit left so I hung around with her until we closed up shop around 4pm.
Here's me holding up my machete and saying, "buy all my stuff and buy it now." Maybe it was the heat and sun, but we were cracking up pretty hard about it.
You can find all kinds of things at the Andale. Some of it is your typical garage sale clothes, baby toys, towels, etc. But some of it was for a very specific customer so it just had to be the right person walking by that wanted your guitar, baby stroller, or surround sound CD player.

I also found quite a few tables with artist's pieces selling necklaces, bracelets, clothing, masks, purses, and paintings. I made sure not to walk around with my wallet so I wouldn't be tempted to spend all the money I had just made because you know I totally would have done it.

 I loved these custom cruiser bikes for sale. Playa has some really interesting and fun bikes that I see people riding around town. If I weren't leaving, I think I would have been salivating over these guys. I know I already have a bike, but still. You get it.
There was even someone selling golf carts. I know your thinking, "how well could those do at the Andale where the average price is $40 pesos?" But when you live in a community where the mode of transportation is golf carts, 4-wheelers, bikes, and cars, its not really that unusual to see.
 After a few hours of high heat and blazing sun a dark, black cloud started looming over us. Everyone kept hoping it would go along on its merry way. It almost made it too. Then right when it was over us, the sky opened up and down poured for about 30 seconds. Everyone moved so quick to get their stuff protected. I, of course, went into blogger mode and had to get a picture. Lupita yelled at me, "Kristen! Kristen! Quit blogging!" I know. I have issues.
 Even with all the sunscreen we kept putting on, we still managed to get a pretty good sunburn. Mine of course much worse then Maria's. After we got back, we were so tired, we decided that maragaritas and a dip in the pool were in order.
 Then, I went in and made some leftover tortilla soup. Perfect ending to a perfect day.

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