June 29, 2013

Road Warrios...The Finale...

On our last and final day of travel, we just had to make a hop, skip, and jump from San Antonio to Dallas. We had every intention of sleeping in since it was only a 5 hour drive, but wouldn't you know we woke up at 7am! After having some Texas shaped waffles, cereal, and coffee courtesy of our hotel, we hoped in the car and booked it to Dallas.
Who doesn't love an Airstream? The truck carrying it even had a canoe on top of it! Classic.
Can you get anymore Texan? Big, huge truck with a grill on the back bumper. I'm almost embarrassed to say I live in this state sometimes. But, whatcha gonna do?
The last of my Jalapeno Doritos. Sad, sad times.

These are the new rest stops in Texas. I think they are pretty cool. The main building depicting a farm house is where the restrooms are located. The silos are were you can get snacks and drinks from vending machines. Its cheesy, but still kinda neat, I think.

Oh, Turtle Blizzard, we just don't see enough of each other!
And this is how much stuff we fit in the car. Pretty full, huh? Only the essentials, of course.

Dallas skyline.

All our toll receipts. Most of them from just one day of travel!
The whole reason why we were booking it through Mexico....our munchkin.

...Aunt Jenny, do you want my banana?
...Mommy, do you want my banana?
...Daddy, do you want my banana?
...Fine! I'll eat the banana myself!

Playa del Carmen to Dallas Day 4

8:30 on the road; breakfast at hotel of Texas shaped waffles
- hope to arrive in Dallas by 4 pm, just in time for rush hour :(
9:30 filled gas outside of Austin 50 USD; talked to an old man next to us for a few. So different than before we had moved abroad. I would never have talked to someone at a gas station
- Seth and I going through serious sensory overload. So many signs and cars everywhere. Overwhelming us a bit.
- turned on radio for first time in this car. INXS. Good flashback
12:00 hour outside of Dallas, stopped at Dairy Queen for a Turtle Blizzard and burger
-1:00 home
-Day Total= $50 USD ($648 pesos)
-Trip Total= $8640 pesos ($656 USD)

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