July 13, 2013

Everyone Likes a Parade...

I was so excited to take Taelyn to her first parade this year! I'm not sure how they do it in other countries, but the US loves them some parades! They are simple, fun, and well...just wholesome. Its like going back to "the good 'ol days" where things were more simple. I'm going to break this parade up into a few different posts because there are different components of your typical parade. That, and my husband took a kazillion pictures, and I can't narrow them all down. 
All parades are set up pretty much the same. People come early with their own lawn chairs and blankets. Park themselves on the shadiest side of the street and sit and watch. We missed the boat a bit and got on the sunny side, and of course, our sunscreen can was misbehaving. But, we just hung out under a tree until it began and then got up to the front. Because this was a 4th of July parade, we, Americans, love pulling out all the stops. People deck out in red, white, and blue, wear funny hats, carry balloons, you get the picture. The 4th is just what we are all about.
All parades start with the city's fire truck. Mainly because I think kids like fire trucks and also, because they represent the city. Nice, shiny firetruck = nice, fancy city. Pretty simple.
 Then you move into the sports cars.
 Then, the obligatory military truck (owned by a civilian).
Then you start to move into the classics. This is the part that I think most people like the best or maybe, I'm just biased because its my favorite part. I'll let the cars do the rest of the talkin'.

We love being so over the top in the US. Its fun and quirky and just so obviously American!
I think this may have been my favorite car of the whole parade. So classy!

Taelyn waving at all the cars. I thought she would get bored, but she seemed to really like it. I'm not sure she knew what to think of all the people and noises, but it looked like she was having a good time with her "Wow! Wow! Wow!" throughout the whole thing. It was cute.

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