August 13, 2013

Heck Yeah, Its a Scam!...

When Seth and I moved to Panama, we sold pretty much everything...everything being our house. Now that we are back, we have been shacking up with my sis and her family. Would you believe that four adults, two teenagers, one adolescent, and one baby have managed to live with
each other for two months without any major calamities or riffs? I can't, that's for sure. We will eventually move out, but pretty much have to wait until I finish training at work so I know what location I'll be working. Who wants to rent a house on one side of the city just to find out that you will be placed in a store 45 minutes away. That would stink seriously! Especially in Dallas traffic. So we sit and wait and look up rent houses and dream of our eventual abode.

$1000 / 4br - 2835ft² - GORGEOUS 3br Single Family Home For Rent (Plano)

On one of our searches for a place, we came across this place in Plano, TX. For you all who don't know where Plano is then lets just say its usually a wee bit more expensive. This was the first area to really explode in Dallas when everyone had money (cough) and bought houses much larger than what their family really needed. But that's just my opinion. So anywho. We came across this house, and we knew it just had to be too good to be true. A 4 bedroom rental in Plano usually goes for about $1700-2000 USD a month depending on the neighborhood. This one was in a very nice neighborhood. We decided to drive by to see if it really was for rent. What do you know. It really did have a lease sign in front of it.

So, I email them to ask to see the house the next day. In the meantime while waiting for a response, we drove back the next day and called the number on the sign. And...whatcha know. Scam! We knew it! Someone had cut and pasted this guy's original ad on Craigslist and changed it in order to lure poor schmucks into sending money through the mail as a deposit.

Then today, I get a response back to my email from a couple of days ago. When I read it, I seriously laughed out loud. Do people really fall for this stuff? Clearly, they must or scams wouldn't exist. The following is for your entertainment purposes, and I suppose educational purposes. Don't send money through paypal or email until you verify its a legitimate source. Pretty simple.

Good Morning!

Thank you for your response regarding to my AD posted on Craigslist. The house is still available. However i was on a research trip to MULBERRY, FLORIDA as a Consulting Engineers for International Projects and this is going to last for years and because of my long stay in FLORIDA that is why i am  renting out my house and i need a responsible person or family that can take a very good care of the house on my behalf. I came over here with my family and i am not using any Realtor or any agency company for my property because i have withdrew my keys and the house documents from them due to the inability of the people to rent my house regarding the price and that was the reason why i reduced the price to a lowest and affordable range.

You can send me a text message on this number (806-blah-blah), because right now, i can only receive or send message due to the job or you can leave a voice message and i will get back to you asap..Please bear with me so that we can understand each other regarding to the rental..

Below are the description and the address of the house..

Number of Bedrooms: 4
Number of baths: 3
Square footage: 2,835
Pets are allowed!!!
Utilities: Already taking care of in the Rent
Rent Fund: $1000
Refundable security Deposit: $1000
House Address: 4113 Blah Blah Street Plano, TX 75093-6041

Note that you can only drive by to see the EXTERIOR PART of the house because i traveled with the keys and i will be shipping the keys and the house documents to you via FedEx If you are still interested my house.

If you are interested in renting my house, kindly fill the Rental Application Form below and mail it back to me for further discussion, alright!!


Full Name__________________________________________________

Home Phone (        ) _______________________

Date of Birth_________________________________

Other Phone (       ) ___________________

Current Address_______________________________Apt#________

City__________________ State______ Zip________

Reasons for Leaving____________________________Rent $__________

Are you married____________________________

How many people will be living in the house____________________________

Do you have a pet___________________________

Do you have a car____________________________


How long do you want to rent this home_____________________

Move In Date___________________________

Do you have the payment with you_____________________

How soon can you pay the deposit_____________________

Reference Contact Name and Address if Any_____________________

0ne attached of your photograph if any!!!

Thanks and god bless you and your family,
Harry A Beisel & Family.
Text Me: 806-blah-blah

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