July 15, 2012

Return to Tulum...

Since my parents were visiting, we had to take them to Tulum to see the ruins. This time we left the baby with the nanny so we could enjoy a full day in the sun with no worries of crankiness and sunburns. Also, I got to go all the way up to the cliff and look over the edge at the water
since I didn't have to push a baby stroller around. Let me tell you, it was quite beautiful! I don't think I'll ever get tired of looking at this water. Its just stunning. Afterwards, we were going to go hang out at a beach in Tulum, but Seth had other ideas. He took us about 15 minutes down the road to Akumal to enjoy a little fun in the sun. That story later...
It was just a tiny bit hot. Like really, really hot!
Family Portrait 
Not sure if they are studying the stone or repairing it
Many, many, many stairs 
They finally decided to smile for me! 

My hero!
Cha cha cha!


  1. All of you look like you had a great time! I love the family portrait!

  2. Is your internet back up yet, or are you still borrowing your neighbors :)?
    Either way, Loved the blog! And like Jackie, i loved the family photo!

  3. Nope. Internet is still down. Something about they have to find enough cable to run new lines because other people had tapped into our line and overloaded it. Crazy! Thanks on the photo. Its my favorite too!

  4. Beautiful pics! I need to go back to Tulum soon :)