November 3, 2012

Day of the Dead Parade Final...

While waiting around for the parade to start, I came across this table of Canadian tourist having a drink (or few). All of them were in full Day of the Dead gear, and you could tell they were having a fantastic Mexican vacation. We chatted Canadian and hockey (or the lack there of
because of the lock out). Sorry, couldn't resist a little American humor. Because our accents are just so much more sophisticated than everyone else. <completely joking of course> I couldn't help but get a close up of the daughter. I don't think she did half bad for a Canadian. Eh?

I had to scamper between the crowd like a mad woman because walking next to the children were flocks of parents standing guard. Can't say I blame them because it can get pretty chaotic on 5th St by itself. Then add in a parade. Whew! In between my hopping around, I had the opportunity to get some good shots of the parents who participated in the activities as well.

You could tell that a lot of the tourist didn't even know there was going to be a parade. They were just meandering down 5th St when all of a sudden these trucks blasting Mexican music come strolling down with a bunch of people dancing behind them. The best was when I caught this street performer that was completely perplexed. For a local, he sure did seem confused. "Wait! I'm supposed to be the attraction. Who the heck are these peeps?"
After the parade, Seth and I decided to have a little adult beverage before returning to the world of baby. While at La Choperia, we ran into our friend, Maria. She was celebrating with her friends the finale of the Playa Marathon from the previous day. Just goes to show how small it is in Playa. Coming from a big city, I like that we run into people all the time, and we can always find something to chat about even though you just saw them them yesterday.

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  1. Kristen!! Well Done :) The very first time I have heard an American use "Eh" correctly LMAO! I'm impressed :)

    Looks like you had a great time! Just love seeing all your pictures!