November 4, 2012

Día de los Muertos Alters....

Last Wednesday Playa del Carmen had their first Día de los Muertos alters presentation. And you know, of course, I had to go! We saw some very nice example of some of the alters that people create for their deceased in order to remember and celebrate their lives. It is common to
use candles and marigolds to decorate the alters. I thought they looked stunning lit up after dark.

Family members add sugar skulls, pan de muertos, alcohol, fruit, and loved possessions of the family members around the alter. They believe that the spirit of the deceased visits them October 31, and it leaves them on November 2nd. The alters are created to celebrate death with happiness and joy instead of sorrow. I kind of like that idea because it makes death positive even though we are so sad to have our loved ones gone. Acceptance, if you will.

This one was a small alter, but it did not skip on detail. They had hand sewn messages asking for the end of violence in Mexico. Some of the pieces of cloth recognized members of the family who had passed. I have to admit I teared up a bit when I was reading the messages because all the deaths were unnecessary and often, the person was just an innocent bystander.

After it got dark they had a dance recital that ranged from little kids up to teenagers. Of course, you know the little kids were the hit of the show. My favorite were the oldest girls dressed in black with the pink scarves. I was quite impressed that they were able to do ballet steps barefoot on a paved platform. But not only that, they were very graceful and serene. Quite beautiful.

After the show, Seth and I got to have another date night without the baby! Imagine that. Two nights in one week we got to be adults. Real honest to God adults! We strolled down 5th St for some pizza and drinks. I had a chance to capture a few fantastic faces, but this one was my favorite. Look at all that detail! I so wish I had even some of this patience and skill.
Because it was Halloween, the trick or treaters were out in full force. Seth and I were totally kicking ourselves because we didn't think to bring any candy. Shame on us! We have already agreed that next year we will bring Taelyn out for the "holiday." But you know I want her to be all girlie and be a ballerina. Seth still wants to believe she will be a boy so he wants to dress her up as a mariachi band member. Maybe we could do a pink tutu and tights on the bottom with a mariachi jacket and tie on top while she carries around a guitar. That would be a sight!


  1. Love this! And Love the idea of next weeks halloween costume. You must not forget your camera for that one!

  2. Beautiful altars :)

    There are girl mariachis! They were long skirts instead of pants. I usually see 1 girl in every mariachi group.