January 7, 2014

This Is How We Do It...

Another Christmas has come and gone. It was so nice to celebrate this year in the States and know that we weren't rushing out of the country in a few weeks. This year, we celebrated with both Seth and my family. We spent Christmas Eve over at his brother, Aaron's house. Then Christmas morning my family and Seth's mom celebrated at our house. Then after all
the fun unwrapping, EVERYONE came over for dinner. All 16 of them! Whew!
My brother-in-law, Mousa, was thrilled with all the kalamata olives he got in his stocking. We thought it was hilarious because he was truly, honestly excited to get so many olives!
And you know I was thrilled to get a huge bottle of wine. Super thrilled!

There's my grandma thinking, "I don't know what all the fuss is about. You people are crazy."
We always have to have the one picture of Sabah acting like she's miserable. So dramatic!
I made a calendar for Seth from Taelyn of pictures them together over the past two years. I think that may have been my favorite present to ever make someone. I had a blast with it!
Here's Taelyn trying on my niece, Sarah's, new rain boots. I think they may be a wee bit big.
Seth and I love harassing my niece, Sabah. What better time to pester her then on Christmas morning. We decided to give her cash as a present. But you know we couldn't just give her cash in a card, oh no.  You kid. We had to give her ten different presents with coins and bills all wrapped up in funky different ways. We taped coins to the bottom of a box, wrapped bills around an apple, stuffed ones into tiny little hardware boxes, etc. We laughed the entire time we were wrapping them the night before. She of course, thought we were weirdos. We are.

All the grandparents got personalized coffee mugs painted by Taelyn. Yep, they loved them!

We weren't supposed to give each other presents so of course, you know we got each other presents. Seth bought me a beautiful Pandora charm bracelet, and I made him some love coupons. So, technically, I stuck to the deal by not buying anything. However, you don't hear me complaining about the bracelet, do ya? I'm not stupid, ya know!
This may have been the most exciting present of all. Yacoub was thrilled to get his new bike!
Taelyn got a huge castle and Cinderella gown for play days.
…And of course, immediately after the presents were done, she went right to playing.

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  1. Looks like a real big happy family. I feel happy just looking at the pictures...