April 15, 2012

On Our Evening Walk...

Because the baby is just a pinch colic in the evening, Seth and I have made it a habit to go on a walk so we don't loose our sanity or what is left of it. Its nice walking around the different neighborhoods of Playacar and seeing how each one is unique to itself even though we are all one big neighborhood of Playa. Last night, we walked through Playacar Phase 1 which is right on the beach and has the most beautiful and unique homes. We found ourselves roaming endlessly just enjoying the beach, houses, ruins, and surroundings. Before we knew it, two hours had
passed, and we knew we'd be exhausted by the time we got home! Seth vows that one day, we will get our home on that beach! But for now, we will just have to settle for our nightly strolls and continue to dream of our ideal location.

I was just fascinated with watching the kite surfers!

Mom! Quit taking so many pictures of me!

I just fell in love with this house

Love the vines growing so naturally

Coolest statue tucked into the hotel entrance

Found this little guy on the way home
 Agouti a native to Playa del Carmen

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