May 11, 2012

Date Night on 5th Street...

As I had hoped, my wonderful mother-in-law babysat for us the other night so Seth and I could go on a date... a real honest to God date WITHOUT THE BABY! We both kept commenting how weird it was to walk hands free and not pushing a baby stroller or go through the mental necessities list. Because we live here, the street vendors and shop
employees have started to recognize us with the baby and don't hit us up for "their great deal." However, that night, sans baby we looked just like any other tourist couple strolling down 5th hand in hand, and it was game on for the shop owners. Our favorite quote of the night? "You not like my price or you not like my artist? You not like my artist then I must throw everything away." Sleep well! We ate on 5th last night with my mother-in-law and the goods were still safe and sound in the shop...shocking, I know! Once again 5th has proven to be entertaining with interesting buildings, beautiful restaurants, typical tourist traps, and outrageous personalities all blended together like one big family.

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