May 1, 2012

The Mother-in-Law Visits...

I am so super excited that my Mother-in-Law is arriving today! I know that most people think its crazy that I actually like my mother-in-law. I've been marking off the days on the calendar for a month now, and telling Taelyn daily that Nana is coming! Nana is coming! Of course, part of me is being a little selfish in that I'm looking forward to having someone to converse with besides my husband. But mostly, I can't wait to show her where we live and walk around all the little shops on 5th St with her. She is such a sucker tourist! And of course, let's not look past the part about how Seth and I will be able to go on a honest to God date without the
baby. Then there's the part about how I'll be able to sweep the entire house without interruption because she loves to hold and play with Taelyn. So of course, I'm the winner in all this by far! But that's not the only reason I'm looking forward to seeing Susan.

Let me tell you a little bit about my daughter's Nana. Quite honestly, she's a pretty cool chick. She single handedly raised 3 boys that all grew up to be good, honest, men that all have a strong relationship with their mother.  But no worries, there's no Mommy's boys in this bunch. While she was raising them on her own and running her own business working well over 60 hours a week, she happened to fit in getting a little thing called a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Yeah, you heard me right...Masters in Mechanical Engineering. I think what I love the most about her is that she has shown you can be a strong, intelligent woman without being arrogant and witchy. She's just a down-home, easy going, good natured person. I'm lucky because my daughter's Nana will be a role-model in her life. Susan is every essence of the words: character, intelligence, humor, and compassion. To sum it up...she's a good woman.


  1. She sounds amazing! Masters in Mechanical Engineering, wow!

    I love my mother in law, too :)

    1. She is pretty cool! My sister called me a "suck up." LOL I just call it like I see it. From your blog it looks like you get along well with Jorge's family. That is always important to keep a marriage strong.