May 15, 2012

Went to the Doctor and the Doctor Said...

First thing on the agenda when coming to Mexico was finding a pediatrician for Taelyn. Imagine how excited we were when we found a fantastic English/Spanish speaking doctor just a
hop, skip, and jump from our home in Playa. Doctora Maria Soledad Vanegas Raffaeli (don't you just love all the names?!?) is absolutely great, and we couldn't be happier that we found her.

Health care is different in Latin American countries because health insurance is almost non-existent, and it doesn't control the health care profession. I have my doctor's direct e-mail, office number, and cell phone number. When I send her an e-mail or call her, she actually replies back directly, not her nurse. When we go into her office, our visits last almost an hour, and she spends time with not only Taelyn but Seth and me too if we have a need. We talk about our families, where to shop, and practice our English/Spanish with one another. It just puts everything in perspective and makes you realize how some think that the medical care in Mexico would be sub-par but that couldn't be further from the truth. I have actually found I prefer the medicare I receive here and in Panama over the US.

This last visit, Taelyn needed her 4 month vaccines. Even though they are free in Mexico, I'll admit that we took the spoiled American route and chose not to wait in the long lines and ordered her vaccines from Cancun. Although, the vaccines were pretty expensive ($150 USD). The doctor administered them for us in her routine monthly visit. So how much does all this fantastic personalized care cost us you ask? 300 pesos or roughly $25 USD, no insurance. I'd say that's quite a steal compared to the cost of medical care in the US. Wouldn't you?

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  1. I love Mexican health care! The IMSS (Mexico's public health care) leaves much to be desired, but private doctors are amazing, inexpensive, and easy to get in touch with.