June 16, 2012

Snorkel in Puerto Morelos...

Since my nieces are here for the summer, we had to put snorkeling on the list. We had previously snorkeled in Cozumel and had a great time. However, from our last trip to Puerto Morelos, we absolutely fell in love with their water and wanted to give them a go. I contacted Wet Set Diving
through email, and Lindsay, the owner, set us up for the next day. How awesome is that?!?

 We had a fantastic time! We did two stops which lasted about 90 minutes. Our first stop was in deep water, and we were swimming right by the barrier wall. There was a lot of vegetation and large schools of fishing swimming all over the place. In the second spot, it was shallow water, and I have to say my favorite stop. When we first got in the water, I put my head down, and I went, "Oh, neat. Grass." But then our guide, Abraham, motioned us over, and suddenly it was like, "Wow! Wow! Oh, Cool!" The ocean floor was just covered in beautiful purple, orange, yellow, you name it coral, and we were literally swimming 1 foot above the coral. I even found myself sucking in (like that really helps any) so I wouldn't scrape the edge of the coral.
The best part of the trip for our family was getting my niece, Sarah, in the water. As you know from my previous post of her graduation, Sarah is special needs. She will not, no way, huh uh, ain't gonna happen, not even close gonna put her face in the water. So getting her in the ocean was a feat of its own. Abraham was just fantastic. He had her hold onto a life preserve, and he literally floated her around wherever we went. When he dove down to find different shells, a few conch, a stingray, and a brittle fish, Sarah was the first to see and touch it. Pretty dang cool, I'd say!
After our snorkeling, we were hungry and thirsty. There was a little restaurant right by the dive shop and on the water. The great part was they gave us a 20% discount off of our food because we had just done an excursion with the dive shop. Lucky for me, it was happy hour so I decided a little adult beverage was in order. I had worked hard after all! When we got home, we were tired and sunburned. I swear we put sunscreen on before we went out. I guess they weren't kidding about that apply and reapply thing. The day was fantastic, and I think the girls are having a good time staying with us. It is paradise, after all.

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  1. So glad you got to go! Jorge and I will hopefully go snorkeling in a month or two (on Cozumel)

    Love your dress and hat, you look radiant