June 12, 2012

Street Food Chowdown...

Since this is my nieces first visit to Mexico, we of course, had to get some street food immediately for them. Quite honestly, Seth and I prefer street food over restaurant food any
day. Not only is it considerably cheaper, its beyond yummier. 

Tacos usually cost us about 10 pesos ($.75 USD). Tortas are about 20 pesos ($1.40 USD). Elote is 15 pesos ($1.00 USD). On 5th street, we are still paying tourist prices on the tacos. Off 5th Street, I only pay about 8 pesos ($.60 USD). The tortas seem to be about the same price as the stands off 5th. But, honestly, when we are talking about less than a dollar, who's going to get upset with a local for making money off a gringo? 

At night, we find our options are pretty much limited to tacos de pastor, tortas, and elote. That's ok with us. We've tried a couple of different vendors, but find that we continue to keep going back to the same ones based off of proximity to our house and taste.
Tacos de Pastor

Corn on the cob with mayonnaise, cotija cheese,
and sprinkled with chili powder or sauce

All the stands have salsa, onions, cilantro,
and pico to add to your sandwich or taco

We like her Tortas de Asada the best

Tortas de Asada and Tacos de Pastor

Always eating and always in that same dang NASA shirt

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  1. I cannot STAND elote (with all the fixins), but I love a good torta! You're making me drool over here haha