July 17, 2012


As I told you in my last post about Tulum, we drove down the road about 15 miles to visit the beaches of Akumal. Oh my goodness! The water was absolutely gorgeous! I know what you're thinking. "Kristen, you always say the water was gorgeous." I know. I know. But really, this time
I mean the water was GORGEOUS! Because it lies in a protected cove, it was completely crystal blue, smooth as glass water. On top of that, it was shallow at least 100 feet out from the shore so we could swim all the way out to the boats and still almost be touching the bottom.

It was nice to hang out in calm water where we could just soak up the rays without fighting the waves. They had palm trees everywhere for people to sit under and chill on a blanket which is exactly what my dad decided to do. The best part was they also have a large turtle colony that you can snorkel out to. We plan on returning later and do just that since Sabah is a turtle freak. Overall, we had a fantastic time, and it was a great ending to a very fun family day.

Some tips to know before you go to Akumal:
  1. Parking is 20 pesos
  2. No umbrellas
  3. No hammocks
  4. No fishing
  5. No glass bottles
  6. Toilets cost 5 pesos for 2 trips to do your thing 
  7. Bio-degradable sunscreen only
  8. Bring your snorkel gear or you can rent there
  9. Don't pay for turtle snorkel tour; you can swim out to them yourself
  10. There are restaurants on the beach and one shop that sells water and ice cream


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed my favorite place on Earth!!

    1. I think it may become mine as well! We're going back this Friday to hopefully see the turtles. Can't wait!

  2. It looks so beautiful! I hope to visit one day!

    1. You've got to make a trip there someday, Jackie! The kids would love it!

  3. I love Akumal! You're right that there are no umbrellas, but there are SO MANY palm trees that you don't need one :)

    We rented a palapa and 2 chairs at the main restaurant for pretty cheap.