August 3, 2012

Beach Bums...

With my nieces here for only a few more days, we've been soaking in the sun almost daily. We have visited a beach at the far North end of Playa that has public access and isn't usually too busy. There are a couple of restaurants off the water, but its pretty much a family picnic kind of
location. I like it because we can set up the umbrella, bring a cooler, and do things on our own time.
Of course, I have absolutely no problem sitting on a beach and lazing around for a few hours. Seth and the girls are more active and always need something to do. So this time we brought along a ball with velcro catching gloves made for the water. It was so much fun that even I had to get in there and toss the ball a few times. Ahhh...the memories of junior high softball. I swear I used to know how to throw a ball, but I seem to be a bit rusty these days. Better exercise for Seth to chase after the ball anyway. So I say I was throwing lousy for him and his health. Yeah, that's it!


  1. Beautiful pics! I've only been to the main beaches in Playa, but I'd love to check out some of the ones you've been recommending.

  2. This one is located off of 46thN and Albatros. If you want to lounge, I think you can rent chairs at Royal Canibal for $150 pesos plus get wait service but don't quote me on that.