August 9, 2012

Lost but Not Forgotten...

As I was going through some of my pictures yesterday, I realized I had some pictures from the entrance of Akumal that have not been posted. If you haven't noticed, I kinda have a thing
for Akumal. Its just such a peaceful and happy beach. The water is calm. The people are happy. There's lots of activity going on, but none of it interrupts the tranquility of the area. Its just a great beach! Enough said!

The front entrance going into the beach area has a library, art gallery, hotel, and gift shop. The best part is it has a couple of small grocery stores for you to buy ice, fruit, munchies, uh you don't have to worry about stocking up too much and or forgetting anything. 

Right outside the dive shop is this really cool thatched roof in which they store all their snorkel and scuba equipment. Behind the shop they have an area to clean up your fish that you catch in the deep sea fishing. Needless to say, I didn't take any pictures of that area.

Little bit of history: I grew up going to the lake with my grandparents and my grandfather insisted that "you girls" must know how to clean your own fish. Not my favorite memory, but I guess I do have to appreciate my grandfather not being sexist. So I can hook my own line. Catch my own fish. Clean it and fry 'er up!


  1. Thanks for posting these! Akumal is my favorite place on Earth and I'm very much missing it.

  2. I ditto that! Akumal is next to heaven as far as I'm concerned!