October 30, 2012

Day of the Dead Parade...

Remember when I said I heard that nothing really goes on here in Playa with Day of the Dead? Well, I was wrong! There are a few activities going on this week that will help you to see what Day of the Dead is all about and how death is a celebration for the Mexican culture. Seth
and I went over to 5th Street last night to get a little picture taking of the Xcaret parade that let the locals get in on the festivities. It was pretty small but really fun non the less.

What I loved most about this parade was how it focused around children. Different schools of Playa participated in the festivities and dressed up for the event. You could tell some of them had really put some thought into it with a choreographed dance and outfits. I loved it!

You must forgive my camera as it does not take the best night photos. But I think that you get the picture...hahaha (pun intended). I will probably have to do a few posts of this because there were just so many different groups dancing and each one was unique.

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  1. Oh fun! We're going to the festival on Friday, never been before :)