October 4, 2012


So, this is my last installment on my trip to Oklahoma. I know you all are devastated, but do not fret. Alas, I will return to Oklahoma/Texas in December, and I'm sure I will find more than enough to talk to you all about my lovely home states.

Kaiser's is an old fashioned soda fountain/restaurant that has been around since 1910 in the downtown area of Oklahoma City. My dad used to go there with his grandfather when he was a kid to get sodas and ice cream. Its gone through many changes over the years, but finally, the new owners have restored it to its original glory. 

Its located in the original part of downtown just a few blocks from Saint Anthony hospital. And more useless information for you but that's where your's truly (and my dad too) just happened to be born, My dad has worked there for over 45 years, and he is counting down the 11 months, 25
days, 52 minutes, and whatever seconds until retirement. Not that he's counting or anything.

 So back to the point. When you walk into Kaiser's, its like going into a time warp. You've got the black and white checkered tiled floor, the bar with spinning stools, and the old fashioned soda machine. Its just so fantastic! I can't wait to take Taelyn there when she gets older!

The owners made sure to post pictures of the original Kaiser's around the top of the restaurant so that new people coming in can understand how this place represents a place in time that you just can't find anymore. Nothing better than sitting on a barstool, chatting it up, while slurping down a milkshake. You can't help but feel nostalgic when you go to Kaiser's.

Kaiser's is not only a soda shop, but they also have a full menu. My parents go all the time, and I think they've worked their way down the menu. Seth always gets the club sandwich, but I usually get the stuffed hamburgers with cheese oozing out from the middle. This time, I branched out and got the white bean soup (its a southern thing), but oh soooo good! The best part of the whole meal is that you can choose to have the sweet potato fries instead of the regular fries. And of course, you know I went sweet  potato. Yum!

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  1. That place looks AMAZING (the decor, the photos and the food)