November 1, 2012

Day of Dead Parade Continued...

Of course, I'm doing a multi-post on the parade! And of course, I was a complete paparazzi and have an additional set of pictures to show you in another post. God love my husband because he stood on the sidewalk while I ran around snap, snap, snapping at everything. Then, when I
would come back to him, he would point to another group I should see. That's a good man!
The top photo may be my favorite picture because the girl was so reserved but loved that I wanted to snap her. After I took the group photo, all her friends we're ewwing and awwing because I just loved her makeup so much. But seriously, you can't tell me that you don't just love her look! That took some serious time and skill to put all paint all those flowers in such detail.

The parade was sponsored by Xcaret which is kind of like a tropical Disneyworld for Mexico. Its a massive park that has snorkeling, water slides, ziplining, cenotes, 4-wheelers, horseback riding, shows, get the picture. These guys were really into their role and kept all the kids squealing with excitement. I may have heard even a few adults squealing too.

Loved this group! They had a whole routine going where they danced with coconuts and clapped their hands with the music. They did a line dance routine and then would get in a massive circle while singing. Something you don't see in the US, the boys were really into it. No reservations at all which made it even more fun to watch.

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