November 19, 2012

Love Me Some Chocolate...

Playa had a Chocolate Festival last Thursday, and you know Seth and I just had to attend. Who can say, "no" to free chocolate? Heck, who can say, "no" to any chocolate free or not? Ok, yeah, I know there are people out there that don't really like chocolate. I just figure that leaves more
for me to enjoy! Overall, we had a good time, and without a doubt will be there next year too!

I loved the little martini glasses of chocolate mouse that were spinning around in a glass case. I kept thinking, "I should get one of those. Yeah, I should definitely get one of those." But after all the free samples, my tummy told my brain, "no way!" They had the ever necessary chocolate fountain which you could dip strawberries, bananas, or pineapple. The different chocolate stores had samples of their individual pieces and gave a reasonable price for those who wanted to buy more. What I liked the most were the samples being carried around with individual chocolate pieces and brownies. I might have grabbed enjoyed in a few of those as well. Yummy!

It was a pretty small affair, but I can definitely see some potential for years to come. There were flocks of people all over trying to get their free chocolate because we all know that eventually the well would run dry. Seth and I went at the beginning which was probably the smartest thing because we got what we wanted and then moved on just when the crowd was forming.

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  1. Oh yay, you went! It looks AMAZING. I'm jealous of all the events you have in Playa.