December 6, 2012

Fun Day in Cancun...

Now that Seth is not working every waking minute, we have so much more time to play again. I missed being able to just hop in the car and take a drive around to see things. Sunday, I wanted to drive to Cancun in order to see the bazaar at La Casa de Cultural. There was a jewelry maker that was going to be there that I specifically wanted to see to buy some Christmas presents. I'll tell you about her in another post because I just love her stuff! Besides seeing the jewelry, I was looking forward to just getting out
of Playa for a day and seeing something different besides our small little bohemian, tourist town.

The bazaar was a small event with about 25 different vendors attending. There were baked goods, jewelry, clothing, candles, ornaments, etc., since it was focused on Christmas shopping. I thought the pan dulce looked amazing, but I managed to resist the temptation to buy. I was doing fantastic until we passed by the cookie table, and the woman gave me a sample. Then, it was over. Yeah, I bought some, and it was good! And, I'd buy it again. Yes, I would!

After the bazaar, we went to La Isla shopping center because Seth had never been there. I like it, but its an 100% outside mall, and in Cancun, that can get hot! Luckily, it was a pretty cool day, but we still had to watch out for our little porcelain skinned girl. They have an aquarium at the mall which I'm going to take Taelyn to later when she's older. For now, we watched the diver swim around the tank outside and had just as much fun staring and staring and staring in awe.

 We ate at a restaurant called Blu which was right on the water. I had been there before so I knew it was pretty ok. Plus, we had a coupon for 2 for 1 drinks so you know we had to eat there. (Yes, they were watered down. We know.) Seth went for the arrachera (steak) tacos, but I went for simple tortilla soup. I loved my soup, but then I'm a soup girl so I'm pretty easy to please.

On our way home, we stopped by the beach to check out the water. Since, its winter here the beach wasn't packed like normal, but it was still pretty active. I thought the water looked beautiful, but Seth said that's just because we haven't seen it since September. I know, crazy, huh? We live in a beach community, but we haven't made it to the water in almost 3 months!
Loved this Mercedes convertible, and I showed no shame in asking for a picture while we were driving down the highway. I'd say, the driver was ok with it, dontcha think?
Best part of our day? Stopping at Papa John's Pizza in the Hotel Zone to get some pizza to take home. God! I missed that pizza! I actually took a bite of it before we put it in the car because it looked so damn good! But I was too full from the margaritas and soup to eat more. Otherwise, I would have devoured that thing in 10 seconds flat. Papa John's, I  You!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you made it to Cancun and got your pizza :)

    (Seth is wrong... that water is GORGEOUS!)

  2. I love that you just hopped in your car and drove off to Cancun! That is awesome. My inner 17 year old Spring Breaker is way jealous! :)