February 7, 2013

Guess Who Got a New Bike Seat?...

We've had our bikes for almost a year now, but we rarely use them. We had my mother-in-law bring a baby trailer when she was visiting in May. But, alas, one of the wheels was broken, and we had to wait until we went back to the US for to get the replacement part. By the time we got the replacement part, Seth got busy with work, and it never got fixed. So we have a brand spankin' new bike trailer sitting in the guest room. Oh bother!

My property manager came across an awesome bike seat at one of the sports stores on sale. Don't you know I went right up and bought it because bike seats are darn expensive here! It doesn't matter if your a local or expat, you're still paying a pretty penny for one. Most of them are cheap grey plastic with no cushion. This one
came with a cushioned seat, and it can easily slides off so we can move it from bike to bike.
My parents bought Taelyn a bike helmet for Christmas because eventually we were going to take this child out for a spin. I couldn't wait for all the rain to stop so we could take our new toy out for a ride. Last weekend there was a small break in the weather so we took the plunge, and we went on our first bike ride. I don't know who was more excited me or Taelyn. Me, I'm sure.
Taelyn was in awe of how fast everything was going by her. She had only been on the other side of Playacar a few times, and that was so long ago, I know she didn't even remember. I love the other side of Playacar because that's where the Starbucks is located. Yeah! Easy way to get to Starbucks and not have to find a parking spot, unbuckle Taelyn, climb out, yada yada yada. LOVE the new bike seat!


  1. Playacar seems like a great place to live! I'm jealous you have a Starbucks nearby :(

  2. I LOVE the bike seats! I'd be one of the girls from Starbucks looking at you and saying how cute Taelyn looks.

  3. What kind of bike seat did you end up getting?

    1. We found a TUV at the Marti store in Centro Maya. It was originally $3500 pesos ($278 USD) but was on sale for $800 pesos ($63 USD). Our property manager was shopping one day and sent me a pic because he knew we were looking for one. I rushed up immediately and bought it before it was sold. We love it! It reclines and the straps can be adjusted. It also can easily be taken on or off by pulling a release lever.