February 26, 2013

The Makings of a Bedroom...

I had been wanting to remake Taelyn's room for awhile now, but just didn't have the time or resources in Mexico. Then one night, I just got a little Pinterest happy, and my brain went into remake mode. I was determined to redo Taelyn's room in a fun, girly style that wouldn't break my $150 budget. I'd just like to put on the record, I think I did a pretty good job and easily made it under my budget. Yeah, me!

The room before was very drabby. Because we live in a fully furnished apartment, its made to be very basic so that its not gender or age specific. Well, it was driving me nuts. Its just not what I had imagined for my daughter, and I knew that I had to make it into something a little bit lively to match mine and Taelyn's personalities. But, everything had to be done in stages because I knew most of it would have to be done in the States where there are hobby stores in, my mom's sewing machine. Thanks Mom and Mom's Sewing Machine!

Now, Taelyn's room is bright and fun and has patterns and textures...and well, looks girly! I just love it! I tried to make everything I could myself to cut down on costs. Because I know that we won't be here forever, I had to make sure everything could easily be packed in a suitcase. If I wasn't able to pack it, then it couldn't be impossible to replicate if I had to leave behind. This is where scrapbooking and Pinterest become good, good friends, like practically family!
I waited until I got back to the States and went to my trusty little Home Depot to purchase some really cheap, thin wood. Then I had my dad cut it to size so all I had to do was bring it back in my suitcase. Once, I had it back in Mexico, I painted the wood, scruffed it up, cut out my birds on scrapbook paper, used some homemade modge podge (that stuff is expensive in stores), added some buttons and...voila! Cute, little bird art with a little antiquey (no, its wasn't a word, but it is now) look. Easiest part of the room to do and without a doubt my most favorite.

...Who doesn't love some inspirational quotes? Found this appliqué at Kohl's on sale.
I used scrapbook paper and some beads to make these fun little lanterns to hang above the bed. I couldn't find tassles already made, so of course, I just made my own. Super easy. The lanterns took me a few days but only because I kept changing my mind on the shape I wanted and quantity. Overall, each one really only took maybe 5 minutes to make. The beads I bought, but those are pretty cheap in Mexico so I would say I spent maybe $4.00 USD on everything total.

While I was visiting my mom, I got to use her handy dandy sewing machine. I made all the pillows in about a week. I wouldn't say that I'm the best sewer, but pillows are pretty easy. The one with the pink ruffle and black and white polka dot fabric took forever! I loved it in the end, but it was so time consuming and stressful. The tree one is my favorite. I put all the leaves on an iron applique so I wouldn't have to sew each individual one. I think this is the one I most proud of because I went out of my comfort zone and created a border edge so it would be a full square.
I'd love to say I made the owl pillows, but alas, that is WAY out of my sewing capabilities. My mother-in-law whipped these up for me in a matter of a week and mailed them to me in Oklahoma. All I had to do was stuff them when I got back to Mexico. I swear this woman could make some mucho dinero on Etsy with her sewing skills! The detail is crazy, insane good!
 The lamp was the funnest and easiest part of the room. So simple, but completely finishes it off, ya know? We have some lamps left over from our old apartment that were just collecting dust in the closet. I used some fabric and glued on at the top and bottom to personalize it. Then, I decided its a girl's room. I should go one step further and add the little pink ball trim. This whole project cost me maybe $1.00 because I already had the lamp. The fabric and trim I purchased in the States, but were leftover from the owls so who knows how much it really cost.

In the background you can see the corner of the window treatment I made. (There's a better picture above). Fabric and glue is all it took. Now, zero light is coming in that room, and it just looks so much better then the blue comforter hanging from curtain rail. Dontcha think?
I bought some lady bug and flower decals at Target to blend in with the Ikea flower lamp I already had in the room. I love the overall affect and the 3-dimensional look. The tutu was a Christmas present from my sis to Taelyn. The two masks on the wall were made by Kuna Indians in Panama. So really, I only paid for the decals which I think were around $20, and it came with 3 pages worth of decals that I used elsewhere in the room.
I made the growth chart while I was at my mom's. Have you ever checked to see how much growth charts costs? Expensive, I tell you! They start around $50 USD and go up to $150. Why would I ever spend that much on something that is more for decor than actual use, and it will probably stopped being used in a few years anyway? So, off to Hobby Lobby for some cheap muslin fabric and iron on decals. The trim on the right side was just leftover fabric from other projects. This growth chart cost about $12 if I were to really get nitty gritty with it.
I made these hearts before we went back for Christmas. All I used was some cardboard cut out of a leftover shoe box to make the heart shapes. Then I used my scrapbook paper I had on hand to make all the little roses. Very time consuming, but well worth it. This is a tie for my favorite part of the room. My fingers hurt after I was done, but I loved the detail. People are always shocked when I tell them it was paper, and then they go in for a closer look. Yes, it gives me a sense of satisfaction, but after all my aching finger nights I think I deserve to pay my own back.

Here's where the rest of the lady bug decals were used. Taelyn was fascinated with them when I first put them up. She kept going over the ladybugs and talking to them. Too cute!
And of course, the final or beginning all depending on how you look at it since its the entrance to the room. All girls need their name plastered on their bedroom door just in case people don't know that its their room. I made these name plates with some sewing rings that I purchased from Hobby Lobby for about $1.50 each in different sizes. Then I used, you guessed it, leftover fabric as the background. I bought some felt squares for $.25 each and traced out the letters of Taelyn's name. Then I glued them on and did a knitting border to add interest. So girly and so fun!


  1. Wow that really does look gorgeous. You are so clever. I am not at all craft minded or good with interior design. I am a little envious, in the nicest possible way of course :)

  2. Great job her room looks amazing !!! Any little girls dream room ! Nice job mama !!!!