April 26, 2013

Evening Ride in Phase 1...

A week after Taelyn and I got back from the States, Mexico sprung forward, and we gained an hour. We love this because we have more daylight in the evening and can go out for rides and walks when its cooler. One night, we decided to ride over to Playacar Phase 1 which is right on
the beach. This is my favorite neighborhood, and I love just riding around looking at the houses and dreaming. You're only allowed to walk or ride into Phase 1. No cars allowed unless you "belong" which security strictly monitors...not that I've tested this or anything. <wink, wink>

When Seth becomes a millionaire, I want this house. Its my ultimate favorite house. I love the character,  charm, and position of the house. And the beach is right across the street. Love it!
There's Cozumel off in the distance. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with seeing this little island across the way. I just think its neat to look across the ocean and know there's a completely different community just a 45 minute ferry away.
4-wheelers and kite surfers. be a multi-millionaire! 

Everyone names their houses in Phase 1. I guess in case the person is too intoxicated to remember how to get home, he can just tell the taxi driver, "Phase 1, Case Clara." Hehehe
 And this the oddest house Seth and I have ever seen. It just doesn't makes sense in the neighborhood. I wonder what the neighbors think? I'd say just a bit Buddha overkill. Eh?
I don't see us living in Phase 1 anytime soon...but, we'll always have our bike rides to dream.

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