April 21, 2013

Who Doesn't Like a Good 'Ol Barn?...

I'm always fascinated with all the barns we see along the road to my aunts in Nebraska. Lately, a lot of the old barns are being replaced by fancy, schmancy metal barns. I'm sure they can handle any gust of wind and will last forever, but I'm not in love with them. I guess I'm just kickin' it old
school. I like the old, worn out, needed to be painted 10 years ago, standing on its last leg kind of barn that's been used and abused for over 50 years by multiple generations of farmers.

So I loaded up my nephew and the munchkin, and we went a barn huntin'. Its harder then you think because a lot of the farms have moved off of the main road now that its a highway, and I wasn't about to go driving down a private road to take some pictures. I'm sure that would have gone well..."Yeah, hi. I'm just stalking barns so I thought I'd drive down your private road and take a picture of yours. You don't mind, right? Oh, yeah, I'm Darlene's niece. That makes it all good, right?" So here are the few I was able to get. I still pretty much think they are cool.

 This is my uncle's barn. It is very old and very dilapidated. But, surely you see its charm.
 No, this isn't a barn. But I like how there was a trailer just sitting out in the field.

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