May 31, 2013

Last Days...

We are now on our last couple of days in Mexico. I've taken Taelyn to the US to stay with my family. It was so odd traveling back to Mexico without her. I only had my backpack and one suitcase that was filled with scrapbook supplies I muled back for a friend. I watched The Hunger
Games on my iPad (yes, I'm always behind on movies). I zoomed right through customs and immigration. Simple when you're with just one, but I still miss my munchkin.
I took the ADO bus from the airport for the first time. I totally should have done that before instead of a shuttle. I guess we were just stuck in our gringo ways of buses are weird. Not only was it faster than waiting on a shuttle, but it was considerably cheaper. A shuttle usually costs $50-60 USD one way plus tip. ADO bus was only $9.50 USD and no tip. It takes your right to 5th Street in Playa del Carmen with no stops. Seth pick me up, and we were home in 5 minutes. As an extra bonus, you don't have to talk spanglish with the driver after you've had a long flight and just want to sit in silence. Or maybe that's just me.
The night I got back, Seth and I rode over to the beach and watched the water. It was nice to sit and relax and not think if we should hurry back home for the babysitter. We're also finding we have all this time on our hands because we're pretty much done packing and are just waiting on our car paperwork (that's another post someday). Its hard going back, but we know its best for our family. I will dearly miss my friends, the culture, and our little bohemian town.

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