May 5, 2013

Spring Has Arrived...

I know what you're thinking. When you live in a tropical location, how could you really experience the seasons, especially spring? But, really we do have seasons here. Its just different then cold climates where there is a vast difference between one season to the next. The summers here are hot and humid. The trees drop their leaves in the fall. The winters are cold. And wonderful springtime has the trees exploding with color.

Taelyn and I had just missed most of the changes in the trees when we arrived back from the States. Suddenly, I look around and there is pink and orange and yellow everywhere. But even with all that color, my favorite tree is what I call the pollen trees (I have no clue of their real name). These trees produce big round balls on them that look almost like brown mangos. Then one day, they just explode with pollen that litters the ground like snow. Its
actually quite beautiful and surreal to see all this white fuzz everywhere. They remind me of the Cottonwood trees in Texas except they don't cause you to sneeze uncontrollably (which is a good thing). Unfortunately, I could only get the last few days of the pollen. Hopefully, you get some of the effect and see how pretty they are in their own little way.

 Trust me, this picture does not even given the full effect of the white fuzz everywhere.

The cacti usually have so much pollen on them that they appear white rather then green. But, I could only find a little bit this guy.


  1. hi kristen

    it is the famous and sacred mayan Ceiba tree
    or Kapok Tree

    1. It is, Niki! Thank you! I suppose I could have done some googling to find out, but what fun would that be?