June 7, 2013

Last Beach Day...

Seth and I went to the Reef Club a couple of days before we left to experience beach day just one more time. We rode our bikes over and just hung out on the chairs for a few hours. We did attempt to play in the water a bit, but the water was way too rough. We had a great time just
relaxing without a care in the world. It was almost as if we were on vacation without Taelyn and life duties calling us to be responsible. Now, why didn't I think to bring a margarita?
It was apparently parasailing for tourist day. We saw them all day long going up and up and up. I'm horribly afraid of heights, but I have parasailed once. I was on vacation with my niece in the Bahamas, and I decided I would suck it up for her. I have to say it was quite beautiful and peaceful up there. But, when we got down, I realized I had been holding onto the rope so hard that I had a rope imprint for an hour afterwards. My niece, that it was pretty funny.

 Relaxing, relaxing, relaxing. I'm having a ball.

My husband trying so hard to relax because he knows I just love sitting on the beach and chillin' on a chair without a care in the world. He would much rather be staring at a computer screen or walking around, but he loves me so he sits and "relaxes."
 I'm having a blast and could stay all day.
I just thought the clouds were so pretty I kept snapping them and trying to get the birds to cooperate with me. But they wanted to play "grab the tourist scraps" instead.

 Look really close and you can see the hang glider in the white clouds.
This is me getting into my sleeping position. Most importantly, that's me with a real honest to God library book from the US. Oh, Library, how I have missed you. I'm an obsessive reader and this whole time abroad, I've had to either do Kindle books or mule my books back. That gets expensive and heavy in the suitcase. But this time, I knew I would be back in a week so I checked out good 'ol library books. I've got some catching up to do with my favorite authors!

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