June 4, 2013

Reef Club...

One of the benefits of living in Playacar is the use of the Reef Beach Club which is an all inclusive hotel inside Playacar that caters to the budget traveler who still wants to have it all. Honestly, if I were to do all inclusive, I'd probably go this route because it really is a nice hotel. They have two pools, restaurants, water activities, and a nice section of beach area. Seth and I
like it because we can ride our bikes over, swim with Taelyn for a bit, use their showers, and ride home without lugging a whole bunch of stuff.

The walk from the reception desk to the pool is a winding path that has a jungle kind of feel. They have this really nice area where you could just sit and read while listening to the waterfall below. Even though there are people walking by all day, it still maintains its secluded vibe.

I like that they have these little couples chairs throughout the property so you can sit and relax. They also have quite a bit of coati and agouti that scamper around the property, and the hotel has little signs educating the guests. I'm sure its so they do not think that the agouti is a big rat because it does kind of look like it. But, that's me just thinking out of the box.

They have a nice pool area with the every important pool bar. Because we are on a free pass we don't get to enjoy any adult beverages or food in the hotel. I'm always so tempted to befriend a tourist and get them to give me a drink or two, but I've just never gotten up the nerve. I'm a chicken like that. Also, who really wants to drink when you're scampering after a 16 month old?

After you walk through the greenery path and the pool, it takes you to the beach. We usually do the beach for a bit and then move to the pool right before Taelyn has a snack. Because Seth and I were by ourselves, we decided to just stay on the beach and hang out the whole time. I like watching all the people on vacation just enjoying the water. Then I think, "I live here!" That's crazy! I've gotten to experience this for not just a week but for over a year. Such good times!

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