July 15, 2013

4th of July Parade Cont...

So here we are on our second installment of 4th of July parade pictures. Usually, after you see all the old cars, then the community organizations follow. I was actually really impressed with
McKinney because they had quite a lot of organizations going down their main street.
Boy Scouts of America
Taelyn waving at everyone still.

Kiwanis. A little unknown fact about me. I was the Keywanettes (Girls High School Club) Governor for Texas and Oklahoma in my senior year of high school. Fancy.
Lions Club

Miss Texas International
Cub Scouts. They had a trailer showing one of their projects they had to complete for a badge.

ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps). This is what kids in high school enroll in who have intentions of joining the military after graduation.

Girl Scouts

Men in Red. Not an organization but funny non the less.

I just like this picture. Family all cool in their old Impala.

C'mon, how can you not think these kids are adorable!
A local gym with people working out on the float. Quite creative, I think.

...And this weird family...took four takes before we could get all of my sister's family to smile at the same time, and then the boy has the nerve to look away! Done!

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