September 2, 2013

Last Days of Summer...

Oh my goodness how time has flown! I swear we just arrived back in the US, and now its already Labor Day! Its been a whirlwind of summer for us. First moving back. Then staying with my sister until I knew what store I would be working. Then finding furniture after furniture after furniture for our eventual move. Now, we in our own place and its the end of summer! Whew!

So enough about us. On with the story...The city of Richardson built this fantastic new Recreational Center and pool just a few blocks from my sister's house. The fantastic part is that we technically have a Richardson address so we get to use it too as residents. The most fantastic of fantastic part is that they built a new pool area. Let me tell you. It. Is. FANTASTIC!  As an adult, I look at envy thinking what I would have done for a local pool like this one when I was a kid. Needless to say, my nephew has been at least a couple of times every week its been open.

Seth and I decided to take Taelyn there on the last weekend it was open since I was finally off. She had been previously with my nephew, but this was Seth and my first time there. We only stayed for an hour because Taelyn was getting cold, but that's ok because it only cost $4 for each adult resident. Plus, we could have returned later since it was a day pass. I think that's pretty cool.

In the baby area, its covered to protect little one's skin from the harsh rays. They use a softer chlorine and the water has been warmed. In the bigger kids area their is the coolest splash area with a massive bucket that fills up with water and pours down on unsuspecting swimmers. The water was shallow enough for toddlers and up, but Taelyn was nervous with all the water splashing all over the place. She wanted to like it, but she just couldn't get herself there yet. Then they have a lazy river that people of all ages can enjoy just coasting along around and around. They also have a lap pool and a humongous slide for older kids and adults. Considering this is just a local pool, I was pretty impressed by how they covered all the bases for all age groups.

Then if you go over the bridge right next to the community center, it takes you to the public park area. We've played in this park before, but they didn't have the connecting bridge yet. Its a very family oriented park with trees, benches, walking path, soccer field, playground, and restrooms. I can't say enough how much Richardson has impressed us with their focus on family and community. Even though we moved to Plano, we are only a 10 minute drive away so I see us going back to the pool again next year when Taelyn is older and will enjoy it even more.

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