November 4, 2013

Pumpkins, Ladybugs, and Candy...

I just couldn't wait until Halloween this year. One of the reasons Seth and I moved back to the States was because we missed the holidays and children's activities so much. Halloween is no exception. There is just so much fun you can have around this holiday, and I had to force myself
not to be super mom and go overboard. I can manage some self control, ya know.
Taelyn and I made Halloween cupcakes for her classroom party at school. She ensured that everything tasted good by doing taste tests throughout the whole process.

Taelyn's school had a party and parade at noon, and dressed the kids in their costumes later on in the day. We sent her to school in a little Halloween outfit just to keep the spirit alive all day. She loved the little tutu on the pants and just kept spinning around and around like a ballerina. I think she was starting to get the holiday a little bit more by that morning. By the end of the day at school, oh, she got it for sure! Like when she came home with a whole bag of candy!
And what is Halloween without some Jack 'o lanterns? Seth and I got busy carving some pumpkins the night before so that they would still be fresh on Halloween night. Taelyn got bored about 10 seconds into the first carving and went to play in her room...naked. That's another story, another day. I threw her in the bath and went back to carving. We had a pumpkin to carve, after all! Priorities, people. Priorities!

A man and his art cannot be disturbed. Seth was so focused. His pumpkin turned out better than mine. I guess that's what happens when one of us has artistic abilities and the other can barely draw a stick figure. I don't think I need to spell out which one I am. 

 Ahhhh! The nighttime has finally arrived! We waited and waited for the sun to go down enough to start knocking on doors. That and we were waiting on my sister who was late, as usual. We decided to go knock on the neighbors doors and then move over some streets later.
Taelyn caught on quickly that when you knock on doors, people give you candy. By the middle of the evening all we did was point at a door and she was go, go, go knocking away. We had to dump her pail a few times into my nephew's because it would get so heavy she couldn't carry it.

It was a win, win kind of night! Taelyn had a fantastic time and was amazed by all the candy she got. Needless to say, we gave away a lot of it and hid the rest. She would have been bouncing off the walls for days if we would have let her keep her whole stash! I can't wait 'till next year!

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