December 20, 2013

Gingerbread House Fun...

When I was in college and living in my own apartment, I started the tradition of making a gingerbread house every Christmas. I'd get the hot chocolate all warmed up, turn on Beauty and the Beast, and start my masterpiece. I'm not so sure how much of a masterpiece it was, but it made me feel good non the less. Over the years, I grew up and life passed by, and I quit my gingerbread house tradition. Then, a few weeks ago I was walking in the grocery store and there it was….a gingerbread house kit. I knew I had to get it immediately so that Taelyn and I could start the tradition all over again. I'm so glad I did because we had such a good time. Even Seth got into it and helped do some decorating. It was great fun!

I thought since Taelyn was only two that I would be doing most of the work, and she would kind of slop things around. Boy, was I wrong. She was a pro from the get go. The only challenging part was keeping her from eating the candy! Then once we got her to not eat the candy, she realized the icing was
pretty dang good too! The girl definitely has a sweet tooth. But whatcha gonna do?

Look at her. Not even paying attention to me. All eyes on the bag of candy.

I was actually kind of surprised by how she new exactly where to put the little candy dots.

Taelyn got bored waiting on me and started putting the sugared candy drops around the base of the house.  We ended up going with that idea and surrounded the whole house with them.

The makings of a red door.
Everyone was smiles Gingerbread House night. We had a such a good, family time together. 

I look at this picture and think how mature Taelyn looks. She is just so focused. She just picked up that pastry bag and started squeezing just like Mommy, and she did a pretty good job!

…And the finished product. We love it!

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