December 10, 2013

Hell On Earth for a Texan...

So Dallas was hit with a wee bit of ice and snow starting Friday night. For all you outsiders out there, when the mention of snow is uttered on the weather channel, Texans scurry to the grocery store, buy everything as if they will never come back out, drive straight home, and bunker in for the next 24-48 hours. Yes, I know all you out there living in below freezing temperatures are thinking we are sissy's, and yeah, we kinda are. But think about it, we are used to 70 degree (21 Celsius) weather in December. So ice would freak out even the most rational of people. Texans hear
ice, and immediately schools get shut down, businesses close, people call in, and the crazies hit the streets. Its an amazing phenomenon to watch. Really.

So, in Texas' defense let me first explain why the city literally shuts down. We aren't equipped for this kind of weather. We only get snow maybe once a year. It only lasts usually for a few hours and then it melts away. For Texans, that's scary enough. Add ice on to that, and oh, Lord! But think, our highways are stacked up on top of each other, sometimes 12 stories high. We don't have snow plows, sand trucks, or tire chains for our cars. And because everyone stays home, the ice never melts and it sits there until we finally get above freezing which is usually just a day or so.  So you see, the crazy behavior kinda makes sense.

This last storm was a doozy! There were people stuck on I-35 which leads from Oklahoma through Texas down to Mexico. So all those winter birds on their way to warm weather got stuck. How long you say? Well, Some drivers on I-35 got stuck in their cars for 17 hours! That's right, 17 hours just sitting there, hoping for some kind of reprieve eventually.
Now me, I'm from Oklahoma so I grew up with this kind of weather and learned how to drive in it. I, of course, went to work. Not gonna say anything, but my peers stayed home. Ok, I guess I did say it. Oh well. I'm not judging. Ok, yes I am. Kinda.
Like all good Texans, my husband and I went out and took pictures of the ice as if we have never seen it before. But really, isn't it pretty?

Of course, the people who owned these boats probably didn't think the ice was that pretty...
And I suppose the people who owned this house didn't think it was so pretty…
So with all this crazy weather, that means schools and daycares were cancelled. And that means that my husband got to stay home with a crazy, cabin fever child for 4 days. Four wonderfully, lovely days. And what do you do with a toddler when they can't leave the house and are bored out of their minds? Play dress up, of course.

Here's where the crazy started. Just laughing for no reason what's so ever.

I think the tutu, butterfly wings, and fireman's hat goes perfect with the pj's, don't you?
Today, I'm happy to announce school is back on and Taelyn is nestled away in her classroom! My husband is thrilled and back to work in front of his computer where he is happiest.

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