April 12, 2012

And So Our Story Begins...

We are finally here! After living in Panama for 10 months, we realized it just wasn't the place for us. We are originally from Texas so moving to Mexico was not originally on the list because we felt like we wanted to experience a different viewpoint other than Mexican. However, its funny how when you move away from what's familiar, you don't realize how
much you actually enjoyed that, traditions, food, family, food, culture, food. Playa del Carmen has everything to offer...great location, culture events, plenty of tourist attractions, history, community events, fantastic food, proximity to home, and amazing climate! So here our story begins with a little peek of our new home. I can't wait to share with you all there is to see and do here
our new home
5th Street
Cozumel ferry
bike ride, anyone?
the ruins
the beach

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