April 13, 2012

Car Wash and Breakfast...

What a fantastic wash and then just a few steps away, and I can get my breakfast on too! Taelyn and I got out early in the morning so we could beat the car wash traffic, and I decided we needed to get some yum yum. Getting your car washed here is
an hour long event because they do not play around with scrubbing every tiny, itty, bitty, little spot off your car. I think I saw them rub the same spot twice, but who cares. It looks pretty, and it only cost $7.00 for a detail! The best part was when the ladies cooking our breakfast let me come into their kitchen to see how they were making everything. Unfortunately, I couldn't get too many picks because I had the munchkin with me in her Bjorn. Maybe next time I can get more detailed pics.

Scrubbed that same spot 4 times
Breakfast...the car wash is right behind

She was so patient with my Spanish

Frying the empanadas

Tortes de pollo, empanadas de pollo, y empanadas de chorizo

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